The Start of Our journey

The Start of Our journey

Our first post is more of an introductory as to why we started this journey. My husband and I welcomed a beautiful little boy, X, into our family in July 2016. From that point on, our lives have changed tenfold. Learning how to not only take care of my new self but also to care for a tiny human that is completely dependent on myself and my hubby was quite the adventure. Fast forward the first year of his life – and the day came when my “baby vacation” was up and I had to return to work.

PS: whoever thinks being on maternity leave is a “baby vacation” has obviously never had to deal with leaking breasts, poop-explosions and cat fur balls all while trying to stuff your face with the most available thing in your fridge to keep you going until hubby gets home where you can (finally) hop in the shower.

Everyone talks about how difficult the first day/week is away from your little one (LO) but eventually, you get used to peeing with the door closed, hot coffee and adult conversation. Well as it turns out, I like my coffee iced, the bathroom stalls are very tight (and I happen to be claustrophobic) and I enjoyed not having to talk in complete sentences! Seriously – being back at work just didn’t feel right.
I commend all the working moms out there who love what they do – but to be honest, I’ve never really felt that what I do is that important. Until I had a baby that was! That was the most fun, challenging, exhausting and wonderful job I’d ever had! Making sure my boys were taken care of, well fed and the house didn’t look like a war zone – these are all things I did because it made me feel like I was doing something that mattered.

Alex – the initial “brains” behind the Live Right Lifestyles operation has always had an entrepreneur mindset. He was always chasing the dream he had of us both being able to work from home and enjoy the kids while they still enjoy our company! So here we are – attempting to connect with people just trying to make the best life they can for themselves and their families!

We are going to share our passion for life, love, (healthy) food, fitness, wellness, and learning. We want everyone to be the best versions of themselves!

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