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My name’s Alex. I’m a coach specializing in strength and mobility, nutrition and lifestyle habits. I’ve been involved in some form of the sports or fitness industry for over 10-years now and continue to educate myself on topics that can help my family live a healthier lifestyle.

My wife, Emma, is a certified nutritionist and dominates the kitchen. Now just to be clear – I can cook. I just try not to emphasize that in the home as I would never get to taste my wife’s delicious cooking!

Our journey together started almost a decade ago at the time of writing this, but the real changes to our lifestyle came when our son Xavier was born in 2016. Seeing him growing up so quickly and picking up habits of those he sees around him, it became evident that we had to kickstart our healthy habits and speed the process up of living a consistently healthy and fun lifestyle.

We want him to grow up healthy and strong, but also as caring, kind and as stress-free as possible.




We created Live Right Lifestyles for one simple reason: People need guidance toward a healthier lifestyle.

In my last few years training people in the fitness field, it occurred to me that the biggest problems people have with their dedication to health are NOT decided by whether they go to the gym.

They are NOT decided by the hour or two spent breaking themselves down in a sweat-box.

The real problems lie in what people do with the other 22 to 23 hours of the day!

This is where we can step in and help guide you. We want to help you focus on those hours outside of the gym and get yourself out of bad habits and into great ones.

Our services include biweekly consultations, exercise instruction & programming, nutritional guidance and state-of-mind training.

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